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Bespoke Cyber Liability Insurance from an expert team.

Cyber and Data Risks Insurance, also known as Cyber Liability Insurance, protects businesses when they experience data breaches or a malicious cyber-attack that affects their computer systems.

Protecting your business and preserving client confidentiality lies at the heart of any modern risk strategy. As we move ever more into a networked digital landscape, the consequences of mishandling data – or having it stolen – is becoming more difficult to absorb and control for businesses of any size.

Why Choose Warwick Davis

Ahead of the Curve

Consistently up to speed with the latest developments in the Cyber Insurance landscape.

Extensive Expertise

We are able to advise across a range of different Cyber Insurance Products and recommend the best solution for your Business.

We demonstrate value

You will feel happy that you understand why you need Cyber Insurance and the important role it will have in Protecting your Business.

Ongoing support

One dedicated contact from the very beginning, throughout the tenure of your Policy.

A comprehensive solution to a contemporary threat.

Almost every business in the modern age relies on data. Companies store, manipulate and transfer it to provide their services, leaving them exposed to newly heightened GDPR fines and the threat of a cybercrime industry projected at costing the business world over 450 billion Pounds a year.

Cyber Liability insurance answers this most serious of issues. Warwick Davis can arrange an industry-leading cyber risk solution, providing businesses with the protection they require against third-party liability, fines, losses and penalties relating to the information technology of your business.


Get in Touch

Tailored to you.

No company is the same. Knowing this, Warwick Davis is proud to offer a flexible Cyber Liability insurance product, altering the scope and specifics of your policy to best match your risks and operation.

In this way, we guarantee you comprehensive cover while reducing cost. Better yet, we are here to help inform and educate; if you or any decision-makers in your business feel uninformed on any specifics relating to data breaches, cybercrime and Cyber Liability insurance, it is our absolute pleasure to provide our expert knowledge in the interests of growing and protecting your company.

By doing this, the team at Warwick Davis hope to become more than just an insurance policy provider to your business. Building relationships with our clients over time, we ensure they are always equipped with the knowledge and robust insurance policies required to securely thrive in the modern business world.

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